We are a small-scale hedgehog breeder located in Blounts Creek, NC. Since our herd is so small, we can devote plenty of time to each baby that is born here. We feel it is important to handle the babies daily as soon as their eyes are open and mom feels comfortable with us removing them from the nest. Socialization is very important and makes for a very happy, healthy, friendly, and outgoing hedgehog. We do our best to give each baby all the attention needed to develop into a friendly pet.  Our hedgehogs are exposed to children, other pets, and different household noises so they are easily adaptable into different living situations.


We are dedicated to producing the best temperament in our babies, along with diverse color variations and unique markings. We have hand picked our hedgehogs from breeders across the US.  Our hedgehogs are registered and pedigreed through the IHR (International Hedgehog Registry).


Our hoglets typically range in price from $200-$350 and are priced based on temperment, markings, and coloring, however, we reserve the right to charge more for an exceptional show quailty hoglet.  Delivery is available through United Airlines PetSafe Program, and through our transport service by the mile.  Pick up is also available at our farm in Blounts Creek, North Carolina.